Our Favorite Breweries

We get lucky here in the Pacific Northwest with the number of breweries, cideries, and liquor companies. Not only is it fun to be in this industry, but it’s fun to explore all the options! With our beer canning line and off-site canning, we get the opportunity to see a lot of beers and ciders come through these doors. We even have the capabilities and the equipment to do small batch contract brewing and collaborate in the creation. Either way, we get to experience a lot of breweries, so in this post, we’re sharing our favorites! 

VIA Beer

VIA Beer is a collaborative brewery that operates out of our facility. They have been working with us since their inception in March of 2022, and their team of decorated brewing professionals works alongside other breweries to create fun and exciting beers. Their collaboration with Fracture Brewing, called the Bong Igloo Belgian Winter Warmer, is one of their latest and greatest. Check them out!

Kings & Daughters

Another great PNW brewery that we love is Kings and Daughters. They’re a family-oriented, single-brewer operation. Like VIA, they also do quite a few collaborations with other breweries around town. Their very first release was their Soft IPA and it remains a hit, almost two years later. The brewer at Kings & Daughters, Kyle, has a long history and a decorated resume of brewing all over the world. Check them out. 


Another great brewery in the Portland area is making the best German-style beers made by Germans. Rosenstadt translates to Rose City, and they’re the perfect combination of the beer culture from Germany and Portland. Their long-term goal is to open a facility with a traditional Biergarten to pour their classics. Their Pilsner is their most popular beer, and we think it’s pretty tasty. Check them out here!

The Pacific Northwest brewery industry is constantly changing, with new breweries and new beer releases all the time. With our counter pressure canning line, our facility is capable of beverage canning of all varieties. We can do everything from beer canning to ready-to-drink canning, in addition to keg storage and contract brewing. Get in contact with us to see how we can help you!

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