What is Contract Brewing?

The world of craft beer and cider is constantly growing and evolving, and there has been a rise in the prevalence of contract brewing. In simple terms, contract brewing is when one company is in need of a product, so they pay the company that owns the equipment, staff, and supplies to produce that product. There are a couple of reasons why contract brewing might be the right choice for you. 

The demands of starting and running a full brewing system, including staff and equipment, require an enormous amount of up-front costs. It can make sense to go with an established facility for a few different instances. There is also the benefit of having our canning line available after brewing is over, so you’ll save money there too. There are many other financial decisions that can be better focused on when you take the cost of brewery equipment out of the picture. Marketing, staffing, and taproom development are among a few areas you could remain focused on before investing in equipment. 

This option allows aspiring breweries and smaller companies to establish a presence in the industry without requiring the huge upfront costs of building a brewery from scratch or purchasing all the equipment right away. There is also a lot of trial and error from when a brewer or new brewery starts making beer to when they have the desired product. Utilizing the benefits of a contract brewery alongside their expertise and knowledge of their equipment, that time before producing a final product could be cut in more than half. If you’re wondering how to open a brewpub, a great first step might be contract brewing.

Another large group of craft breweries that might seek out contract brewing is those that are expanding at rates they aren’t prepared for. If you’re outgrowing your brewing space, that’s a great thing – but it also means you might need to take advantage of another facility such as ours at Conspirator Beverage. This could look like producing a seasonal beer to stock up properly before its release, like a cinnamon cookie stout that tends to sell for the month of December. Small-batch contract brewing is opening up our world to a larger and more diverse selection of beers and ciders. 

Contract brewing companies offer exciting new opportunities for innovation, growth, and collaboration. With a fully equipped facility like ours in Clackamas, Oregon, the number of options for you and your business can grow exponentially. If you’re interested in the opportunity for expansion or interested in using our facility to start fulfilling your wildest craft brewery dreams, contact us to get started. Or, if you’re wondering about the contract brewing cost, contact us for a quote. 

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