Ready-to-Drink Cocktails: Alcohol’s Hottest Trend

Ready-to-Drink canned cocktails are making their debut in a huge way and trending on a global scale. We’re excited to be one of the leading co-packing facilities in the Pacific Northwest for RTD cocktails. Beverage canning has seen a huge increase in demand over the last five years, due to the spike in popularity of the cocktails-at-home culture. People are becoming increasingly attracted to the convenience and affordability of craft cocktails, in the comfort of their own home.

The Rise of RTDs
When White Claw was released to the public in 2016, the alcoholic canned beverage industry was awakened to this new realm of possibility. In only a matter of years, canned options grew far past just beer and soda. The need for something other than these options stemmed in part from a health-conscious perspective. It was difficult to find alcoholic beverages in a can with low sugar and calorie content. Hence, hard seltzer sales immediately skyrocketed and dominated the market. 

The convenience of having pre-made cocktails appeals to the masses and provides a simple, clean, and low-cost alternative to having complex cocktails at home or on the go. Enjoy a Bloody Mary from Pilot House Distilling while you’re camping in the woods. It’s easy now! Or maybe you prefer a perfectly-carbonated gin and tonic as you watch the sunset. RTD cocktails give you the option without lugging around multiple ingredients. Plus, you never run the risk of pouring a bad cocktail due to underdeveloped mixologist skills. 

Types of RTDs
There are three types of RTDs. There are spirits-based beverages like vodka sodas from Plant Loves You, malt beverages like hard seltzers or hard kombuchas, and wine or wine cocktails. Conspirator Beverage can accommodate blending, carbonating, canning, and storing all three categories. We partner with various companies around the Pacific Northwest to bring their custom canned drinks to their consumers. We get it done quickly and efficiently with our 100-can-per-minute counter-pressure canning line at our alcohol co-packer facility in Clackamas, Oregon. 

RTDs beverages can come in a lot of different forms, but one thing is for certain; they’re flying off the shelves, and trends aren’t seeing the slowing of sales any time soon. If you and your company are wanting to expand your brand into the hottest trend in the alcohol industry, click here to find out how our canning services can benefit your company.

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