Velcorin Dosing in Shelf Life

At Conspirator Beverage, our beverage co-packing facility is unbeatable for beer, cider, and spirits manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest. We are proud to be an integral part of getting your product to market on time and with the highest quality.  So what sets us apart? There are lots of answers to that, but today we’ll focus on Velcorin dosing. 

Velcorin is a brand name for dimethyl dicarbonate (DMDC), a chemical compound used to preserve food and beverages to extend their shelf life. DMDC can protect against yeast, bacteria, and mold. The dosing that is added to the product can vary depending on what microorganisms you are trying to protect against and the extension of shelf life you desire. 

We work closely with our clients to determine how much Velcorin should be added. Variables such as the pH of the product, temperature, and other preservative factors all make a difference. Our Pneumatic Scale Angelus rotary counter-pressure canning line is the perfect compliment to the preservation, making sure your can packaging is perfect for withstanding the journey from production to consumption. 

Velcorin is a special compound that can be used in wine, cider, soda, and custom canned drinks such as small-batch canned cocktails. Not only is Velcorin dosing machinery expensive, but it requires trained professionals to comply with safe handling requirements and guidelines for food and beverage safety. Choosing Conspirator Beverage for off-site canning or full production of your product means you’re guaranteed to extend the shelf life of the product in a safer, more precise environment than Velcorin dosing with a mobile canner can provide.

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